Friday Freebie: Get Ahead Of Common Problems and Boost TripAdvisor Reviews

December 16, 2016


Welcome to the Friday Freebie!

Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. 

This week’s freebie: Boost your hotel’s TripAdvisor ratings by offering creative and simple solutions to common, repetitive guest gripes, even for situations you don’t control.

The noisy construction across the street.

The loud bar next door.

The lack of parking in your bustling neighborhood.

You can’t control all the elements that guests will inevitably complain about in their TripAdvisor reviews. 

However, just because you don’t have power to add new parking spots or tell the bar patrons to quiet down, doesn’t mean that you can’t empathize with your guests and offer some respite from the annoyance.

The worst thing a hotel can do is tell a guest, “There’s nothing we can do.” Even if that’s the case, the guest will only feel as though your hotel doesn’t want to help them, or worse, simply doesn’t care what they’re going through.

Instead, pre-empt these common gripes by preparing solutions to smooth the grumbling. Offer guests parking secrets in the neighborhood, a map of nearby parking lots and their fees, average Uber and Lyft fees to different areas of town, information on Car2Go or ReachNow (BMW’s car sharing service) options, etc.

Better yet, put all of this information in one place, an FAQ page on your hotel website or extra page in your in-room guest packet. Don’t wait until the guest is shaking with rage and ready to scream at one of your front desk staff before you scramble for quick fixes.

By acknowledging your unavoidable weak points and offering solutions upfront, guests will feel validated, taken care of and confident that your hotel is committed to providing a remarkable experience, no matter the outside circumstances that threaten to put a damper on their stay and their guest review afterwards. 

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