Check The Like/Follower Ratio of Influencers

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This week’s freebie: Check the Like/Follower ratio of potential influencer partners.

Social media influencers typically point to their number of followers as proof of their reach, but those numbers can be misleading. If an influencer’s followers aren’t actively engaging with the influencer, there’s a high likelihood that many of those purported followers are actually bots and/or fake profiles, and in reality, the influencer doesn’t have the audience they claim. Don’t be duped: Be sure to always determine the integrity of an influencer’s following.

It’s actually fairly easy to do; you can validate followers by measuring an influencer’s Like/Follower Ratio, which compares the influencer’s number of followers to the volume of likes the influencer receives on their posts. For example, if an influencer has 2 million followers, but only 1% of those followers actually engage with the influencer, that’s clearly an inflated follower base.

Along similar lines, it’s also helpful to analyze the volume of follower comments on an influencer’s posts and to identify periods of rapid follower increases, which is a potential indicator that the influencer is purchasing followers.

To gain further influencer insights, there are third-party tools such as InfluencerDB, which can help ascertain whether influencers are growing their followings through either organic or fraudulent methods.

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