Friday Freebie: Build Alliances to Create Irresistible Destination Experiences

This Week’s Freebie: Partner with cool, local purveyors to create remarkable experiences for your guests.


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This Week’s Freebie: Partner with cool, local purveyors to create remarkable experiences for your guests.

Today’s travelers crave experiences that are local, impactful and unlike anything they can find back home. In fact, a recent American Express survey reported that 72% of participants said they would rather spend money on experiences over things.

What does this mean for hoteliers?

That guests aren’t just booking a hotel room for a place to sleep. They want to have front-row access to adventures and activities that are quintessential to your city and your neighborhood.

Most hotels aren’t in the position to create and execute remarkable experiences on their own. So, one of the smartest and most efficient ways to meet this need head-on is to build partnerships with local experience curators and purveyors.

For instance, partner with a company that takes guests on a tasting tour of local eateries, street food vendors, or the popular farmers market. Work with a family-owned company that offers fun and exciting scavenger hunts in your city. Offer a package with a local art gallery, sailing company, or a trail hiking outfitter.

For example: The French Quarter Inn in Charleston partners with private yachts, carriages, and a helicopter tour company for the “Charleston Perspective” package. While the Collector in St Augustine has a “Girls Gone Mild” Girl’s Getaway package that includes transport, cocktails and local tours.

Create locally inspired, cross-promotional deals to catch the attention of experience-hungry guests.

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