Friday Freebie: An Extremely Simple Fix to a Common (and Costly) Hotel PPC Mistake

Reap more ROI from pricey PPC campaigns with this simple fix.

Welcome to the Friday Freebie! Each week we share impactful hotel marketing services tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more direct bookings.

This week’s Freebie: Reap more ROI from pricey PPC campaigns with this simple fix: Replace broad, generic keywords with targeted, long-tail phrases.

One of the most widespread mistakes that hotel and resort marketers make with their hotel PPC campaigns also happens to be one of the most costly:

Wasting precious marketing dollars on short key phrases (three words or less) that are too generic, too broad and too pricey. These include widely used phrases like “Miami hotels” or “hotels in Nashville.”  Our team has seen costs of these overused key terms up to $8 per click, a price which will only continue to rise in the face of dramatic surges in hotel PPC costs overall. Investing in these generic terms not only will rapidly eat away at your hotel marketing budget but rarely converts to worthwhile bookings.

Here’s why:

People using a short phrase like “San Diego hotels” are at the very start of their travel search. They haven’t selected a neighborhood, narrowed down the type of property they want, or even the desired price point. In other words, they’re just entering the “dreaming stage” of the travel funnel.

Here’s the fix:

Use your precious hotel PPC budget to pick off quality “late funnel” clicks. Invest your PPC budget in key phrases that are hyper-specific and targeted, such as “business hotel near San Jose Santana Row” or “family friendly hotels Oregon coast Garibaldi.”

With these targeted phrases, you’re more likely to capture traffic ready to buy AND stretch your PPC spend.

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