Four Ways To Compete Against New Properties In Your Market

Before you frantically start rolling out flash sales and engaging your neighbors in the WrestleMania of revenue management, take a deep breath and get back to basics with these four ideas.


It’s a nightmare that way too many hoteliers can relate to: an already saturated market being bombarded with new hotels left and right, each with shiny new technology, the comfiest beds in all the land and thousands of square feet of meeting space to entice even your most loyal annual groups.

Take a look at the chart below from our friends at CBRE Hotels. If you’re in one of the markets on the right side, new inventory is of extra concern to you:


But before you frantically start rolling out flash sales and engaging your neighbors in the WrestleMania of revenue management, take a deep breath and get back to basics with the following ideas:

1.  They Zig, You Zag

Let’s face it. Unless you’ve suddenly invented holographic front desk agents or a way to beam guest luggage to their respective rooms, you’re probably not going to steal attention away from the new kids on the block.

What you can do, however, is knock them off their pedestal when it comes to creativity. Put on your consumer hat and do a deep dive into what your property has to offer. Turn your unique hotel attributes into creative packages and promotions. A prime example is Le Montrose Suite Hotel in West Hollywood, which allows electric cars to park and charge for free.

Putting an offer like that in front of the right audience through some your hotel SEO/PPC campaigns is an innovative way to outshine your opposition.

2. Unleash Your Sense of Humor

What’s something you’re typically not doing while scrolling through hotel social media posts? LAUGHING. We’re talking genuine, laugh-out-loud-alone-at-your-desk moments. Despite popular belief, your guests don’t only want to hear from you with a promo code or another picture of your fabulous pool. Surprise them every once in awhile with a good joke for no other reason than to share a laugh, no purchase required. The beauty of social media is for brands and consumers to be able to communicate like never before, without all of the canned corporate responses. Show off your personality and give your followers a whole new reason to love you. You’ll instantly increase loyalty, brand advocacy, and in turn, profits.

3. Past Guests = Future Security

Okay, not entirely… but new business doesn’t need to be your primary focus, especially when that’s all your new rival next door is targeting. Let them build their base from scratch while you leverage what they don’t have yet: past guests. This is a great time to formulate some compelling new past guest offers or revamp your loyalty program. Whether it’s a discount, free upgrade, or a welcome back gift, just letting your existing customer-base know how much you value their business with an exclusive offer is a win.

4. Kill ‘Em With Kindness

You can’t change the fact that you don’t have a restaurant on property or that your Standard Room might only be slightly larger than a walk-in closet, but what do you have total control over? Your service!

Luckily for you, service is and will always be king in the hospitality industry. It’s your desire to make guests feel welcome and contribute to lifelong holiday memories that lured many of us into the industry to begin with. Remind yourself and your staff of this daily. Go the extra mile to exceed guest expectations and lead by example. Make it a priority to consistently reward your front-of-house staff for exceptional service. Consider even treating your customer-facing staff to an outing so that they can experience 5-star service firsthand. It’s a small investment that can make a world of difference.

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