Don’t Ignore Your Sales Team

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Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and revenue.

This week’s freebie: Don’t ignore your sales team.

As a hotel marketer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of limiting your attention to just courting leisure business. After all, the sales team has its own leads and clients. They don’t need your help, right?


When looking at the whole revenue spectrum, meetings and events can contribute a large chunk of those earnings. Meanwhile in the marketing department, owners and asset managers will certainly appreciate the branding and social media work you’re doing, but in the end, it’s your revenue contribution that carries the real weight. That’s a main reason to boost the sales team’s efforts whenever and however possible.

Here are some core steps you can take to aid your sales staff and help them grow group business:

  • Connect with High-Value Targets (HVTs): Identify the team’s most important leads, and then create content specifically tailored for those HVTs. If your budget allows, utilize LinkedIn sponsored postings to reach these key meeting planners with greater precision and impact.
  • Get Automated: Utilize your hotel marketing automation software to enhance sales efforts. Use it to send alerts to sales managers, notifying them when HVTs visit your website, as well as which pages they view. And if possible, provide heatmap tracking that reveals how visitors are using the site.
  • Give ‘Em What They Need: Arm your sales team with the marketing resources that will help them close business. This includes updating and enhancing your hotel website to offer online all the sourcing information and collateral meeting planners need (room measurements, floor plans, videos, etc.), as well as group-specific destination content that entices groups to book with you.

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