We Need to Talk About Hotel Marketing Metrics

We’ve outlined 5 popular marketing KPIs that are currently distracting you from what really matters.

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Friday Freebie: Ditch Hotel Keywords That Never Produce ROI

This week’s freebie: Get more bang for your marketing buck by replacing overused, broad PPC keywords with targeted phrases.

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Friday Freebie: Use Different Ads For Different Audiences

This week’s freebie: Create different retargeting ads for different interests for maximum exposure and impact.

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Forget Daylight Savings: Start Saving On These 4 Hotel Marketing Costs

Follow these steps to cut down on the major expenses that could be weighing down your marketing budget.

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Tambourine: Hotel Marketing Technology

Halloween Hotel Marketing Mistakes: Don’t Let These Happen to You!

After 25 years in hotel and tourism marketing, we’ve seen some scary mistakes that will have you shaking at your desk.

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