Hotel Marketing: 10 Things That Worked in 2016

We’ve compiled a list of the strategies that have actually worked for us and our clients this past year.

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Tambourine: Hotel Marketing

Cinco de Mayo: 5 Hotel Marketing Tips

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Tambourine is celebrating with a fiesta of some of our favorite digital marketing tips.

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What Can a British Knight Teach Us About Hotel Marketing?

No British cyclist had ever won the Tour de France, but as Director of England’s cycling team, that’s what Brailsford set out to do. His approach was simple: He came up with an idea he called: “the aggregation of marginal gains” whereby his riders would try for a “1 percent margin for improvement in everything they do.”

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Hotel Marketing Apathy | Tambourine

Hotel Marketing Apathy: The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing

A dangerous trend is creeping its way into the hallways of hotels and resorts throughout the country. Hotel marketing teams, overburdened with small staffs and growing responsibilities, are resorting to the old, seemingly harmless adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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Tambourine: Numbers for Ninjas

Expedia's revenue growth over the same period last year was 24%.

This amazing stat brings up a number of issues for hotel marketers. First, how do your results compare to Expedia’s? Sure they have bigger budgets, deeper resources and global markets, but their primary growth is coming from surging travel demand. Are your sales in sync?

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