If Hotel Marketing Were An Olympic Sport…

If hotel marketers were Olympic athletes, which event would you compete in?

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The One Question That Terrifies Hotel Marketers

Owners are starting to realize that costly 3rd party channels and hidden OTA commissions are cutting into their bottom line.

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Friday The 13th: Three Things That Terrify Hotel Marketers

Friday the 13th is here, and while people are feverishly avoiding ladders, staying out of the way of black cats and tightly securing every mirror around, the hotel industry has their eyes on other dangers.

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An April Fools Guide to Hotel Marketing

Every year, on April 1st right around 10am, my wife will call to tell me we won the lottery! Or that she is pregnant. Or that the neighbors have opened a drug rehab facility next door. After nine years, I’m ready for her April Fools’ Day antics! April 1st can be fun, but it can also

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How much should your hotel marketing budget be? Part 2

Last week we covered the wrong ways to answer the question: how much should our marketing budget be…?” Now, let’s focus on better ways to answer the question that will determine your success and quite possibly your career longevity!

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How Much Should Your Hotel Marketing Budget Be? Part 1

One of the most vexing questions posed to marketing managers in any industry is: “how much should our budget be? Whether you are being asked to submit next year’s budget or a funding request for your next campaign, knowing how to answer your management or ownership’s budgetary questions is vital to your success (and job security)!

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90% of Marketers Ignore Simple Data That Could Easily Increase Revenue. (Part 1 of a 2 part series)

A recent study revealed that only 10% of all companies use their existing data sources in a systematic way to increase revenue. Fortunately, the hospitality and tourism sectors have shown exciting improvement in this area over the last few years.

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Tambourine: Numbers for Ninjas

Expedia's revenue growth over the same period last year was 24%.

This amazing stat brings up a number of issues for hotel marketers. First, how do your results compare to Expedia’s? Sure they have bigger budgets, deeper resources and global markets, but their primary growth is coming from surging travel demand. Are your sales in sync?

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