We Need to Talk About Hotel Marketing Metrics

We’ve outlined 5 popular marketing KPIs that are currently distracting you from what really matters.

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Hotel Marketing: 10 Things That Worked in 2016

We’ve compiled a list of the strategies that have actually worked for us and our clients this past year.

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3 Quick Ways To Drive More Bookings From Hotel Email Campaigns

Here are three essential components that every hotel marketing email must have to drive conversions.

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Father’s Day Lessons For Hotel Marketers

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re presenting our favorite “dadisms” that prove that your pops – whether he knew it or not – has some serious marketing advice.

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Friday Freebie: One Simple Booking Engine Tweak

Today marks the launch of our fun, new way to boost your hotel marketing efforts! Introducing the Friday Freebie, featuring one easy, free hotel marketing idea that you can implement immediately to drive more direct bookings.

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Tambourine: Hotel Marketing Technology

Back to School Means Back to Basics for Hotel Marketers

Remember when all you needed was a cool lunchbox and a No. 2 pencil to be ready for the new school year? Those were the days! Now you’re a hotel marketer and your list of needs seems endless.

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The Most Popular Hotel Marketing Blog Posts of Last Year

Want good advice? 
Ask a crowd. The wisdom of crowds is usually accurate. So by taking a look back at our stats from last year’s blog posts, we can measure which topics were most compelling and relevant to hotel marketing folks round the world.

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