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What Can a British Knight Teach Us About Hotel Marketing?

April 28, 2014 • By

No British cyclist had ever won the Tour de France, but as Director of England's cycling team, that’s what Brailsford set out to do. His approach was simple: He came up with an idea he called: “the aggregation of marginal gains” whereby his riders would try for a “1 percent margin for improvement in everything they do.” Read More »

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Hotel Marketing Apathy: The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing

April 14, 2014 • By

A dangerous trend is creeping its way into the hallways of hotels and resorts throughout the country. Hotel marketing teams, overburdened with small staffs and growing responsibilities, are resorting to the old, seemingly harmless adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Read More »

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U.S. Hotel Revenue Reached Record Levels in 2012.

July 15, 2013 • By

According to recent study by STR, US hotel revenue reached record levels in 2012, with profit climbing to 24% of total revenue. Unfortunately, despite growing consumer preference for direct bookings… most hotels also saw an increase in their dependency on expensive OTA-driven transactions. This costly channel drags down profitability and frustrates property owners seeking greater ROI on their investments. Read More »

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Taxing Travel – Is it good for business?

November 19, 2012 • By

Travel remains one of the most heavily taxed activities in the US, even though most cities try hard to encourage visitors and tourism. Travelers don't vote where they travel, so cash-strapped cities and states continue to tax hotel rooms, rental cars, and airports. Many times the money is used not only to build and run facilities for travelers such as convention centers and airports, but also is used to help finance local coffers to pay for sports stadiums and youth ball fields. In some cities, taxes on visitors even help fund arts facilities and school systems. The impact can be significant - travelers pay taxes that total 57% more than if they just paid the general sales tax. Read More »

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Fantasy Tourism: New Zealand Embraces the Hobbit

October 23, 2012 • By

New Zealand is putting its pop cultural capital to work with their new marketing campaign, New Zealand: 100% Middle Earth. 100% Pure. Watch it here. As home to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the soon to come Hobbit Films, New Zealand's new tourism commercial combines fantastical imagery and an overly imaginative history that boasts New Zealand as "A land where giant eagles once guarded the skies," "Where creatures dwell in ancient caves," and "Where you can play on mountains protected by gods." This bold take on destination travel begs a very interesting question: Is there room for fantasy in destination marketing? Read More »

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