10 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years Of Hotel Marketing

After 25 years in the industry, Jim Zito has seen the rise and fall of many hotel marketing tactics, tools and techniques.

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Hotels Are Crushing It… So Why Is Wall Street Crushing Hotel Stocks?

Hotel stocks are being sold off for three fundamental reasons, which should cause everyone in the industry – from hotel owners and asset managers to on-property staff – to sit up and take notice.

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Are You Keeping Up With Guest Purchasing Behavior?

What can hotel marketers do to respond and adapt to these longer search paths, later booking leads and massive clutter of marketing messages?

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Tambourine: Hotel Marketing

90% of marketers ignore basic data that could easily increase revenue (Part 2)

Continuing our last post: how to use simple data to improve results (without being a math geek)! Here’s a few immediate steps you can take to leverage your data, increase visitation and drive more revenue:

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