Friday Freebie: Find Out What Your Compset Is Up To… Automatically

This Week’s Freebie: Use free web-based tools to get instant updates on your competitor’s moves and offers.

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April Fools: 8 Ways Hotel Marketers Can Avoid Looking Foolish

Here are eight things that hotel marketers should always be on top of and never foolish about.

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Are You A Hotel Marketing Groundhog?

It’s a silly holiday, but a helpful symbolic event for many hotel marketers.

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Tambourine: hotel marketing technology

An April Fools Guide to Hotel Marketing

Every year, on April 1st right around 10am, my wife will call to tell me we won the lottery! Or that she is pregnant. Or that the neighbors have opened a drug rehab facility next door. After nine years, I’m ready for her April Fools’ Day antics! April 1st can be fun, but it can also

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