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Why Brand Voice Matters.

Successful brands form bonds with their audience — evoking emotion and trust, and building anticipation for the experience.

At the core of that brand-audience relationship? Communication.

In order to have strong communication, a brand needs a clear brand voice. We like to frame it like this: if a brand were a person, “brand voice” would be their personality.  

Whether it’s with a wink and a nod, an insider embrace, or an aspirational authority, brand voice sets the tone, and works in concert with design and content to help tell your brand’s story. It creates the personality of all communication with your guests. It's the voice your guests hear when reading your copy.

Let's explore a few examples of brand voice, developed and implemented by Tambourine's Copywriting and Content teams. Notice how each voice differs from the next.

Dream West

a screenshot of a video game

From Dream West’s Brand Guidelines: “We’re into exciting our guests, not intimidating them. Our demeanor may be gritty and unvarnished, but we’re keen on being gracious hosts for the entire family. Grandkids. Grandparents. Everyone in between.”

Hotel Duval


From Hotel Duval’s Brand Guidelines: “The way Hotel Duval approaches language involves more than simply selecting words and adjectives that flow well together. We are cultured and civilized without being snobbish or exclusionary. Hotel Duval exists outside of fleeting trends and fads, by relying on an innate sense of individuality and timeless legacy.”

St. Kitts


From St. Kitts’ Brand Guidelines: “St. Kitts is quiet, contemplative, soulful. We appeal to intrepid travelers eager to explore, to learn, and immerse themselves fully in a new experience. Spoken aloud, you should hear the smile behind our words. The tone is bright, optimistic, and curious."

As you can see, each hotel and destination brand has a different voice. This voice should guide communication to ensure consistency across all channels– website, social platforms, ads, imagery, on-property collateral, in-person interactions, and more. 

The takeaway: Embrace your property's unique brand voice to strengthen your communication with guests. If you don't have brand voice guidelines to look to, now is a great time to establish the personality of your brand.