By Design

Tambourine's Logo & Branding Explained


What is the creative explanation behind Tambourine’s logo?
I love talking about this because Tambourine’s logo has a lot of meaning to unpack. At face value, the logo displays a young individual, or child, marching forward into the future while spreading joy and creativity. When you break down the elements of the logo, you begin to understand the true meaning.

Let’s start with the person. You described the person as a "child." What features suggest that the logo is a child? And, was this intentional?
The hair. The flip of the hair is a very child-like feature. And, yes this was purposeful. It demonstrates youthfulness, representing the company’s mission to stay youthful and current with trends and technology.

Is there anything else about the individual that has significant meaning?
The tambouriner is permanently in motion, mid-stride, determined, and leading the way. This, of course, was also purposeful. The movement captures the company’s determination to lead the industry into an innovative future.


Why is the child holding an instrument?
Musicians are creators, they are artists, they are inspirational. And music brings joy to the audience. At Tambourine, we aspire to be musicians. As a creative marketing firm, we want to create meaningful and inspirational work. We want to provoke thoughts and emotions. Having the child hold a musical instrument symbolizes it all.

But why a tambourine?
Ah, the question everyone asks! Well, the tambourine is a two part metaphor. Think about it like this, a tambourine is an easy instrument to play, really anyone can make music with it. Meaning, anyone has the ability to create a great marketing strategy. Now, imagine each tambourine zill as an element of hotel business from leisure, to F&B, to weddings. When all elements, or zills, work together, it begins to play something that is so seamless, effortless, and beautiful...a successful business plan.