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Put your hotel on the map

Put your hotel on the map

Property maps on your hotel website are a great way to help guests get oriented and acquaint themselves with your property. But what map is right for you?

You might think there are an infinite amount of design options and layouts, but in reality, there are really only three types of maps. Which one you use depends on what problem you're trying to solve for your guests. For example... 

Are you trying to establish yourself as the center of the city? Then a Google API Map might be right for you. Google API Maps are exactly what they sound like. They tap into Google's API so you can easily curate and display local restaurants or things to do in the area without having to manually build each and every attraction. They look great and are about as practical as they come. 

Are you quickly trying to introduce guests to your location and proximity to nearby attractions? If so, a flat map might be all you need. Flat maps are great if you're trying to emphasize a single point like... "We're super close to the airport. Let me show you." Flat maps have no functionality, but they give your design team plenty of room to have fun with scale and iconography.  

Drift Flat Map

Are you trying to orient guests to the complex layout of your hotel and resort, as well as highlight key amenities? Then you may need a fully interactive map. Fully interactive maps are great for resorts trying to balance a wide range of buildings and amenity types. Have four buildings and three pools with a fitness center and a spa scattered across ten acres? Then a fully interactive map might be the best experience for your guests. 

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Google API Maps: 

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