By Design

From Mood Board to Website: St. Kitts Tourism Authority 

The Project at Hand.  
Last year, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority was ready for a brand refresh. Think refreshed brand guidelines, updated photography, a new marketing campaign video, and a refreshed website. 

Let’s take you through the redesign process… 

The Mood Board.
The mood board is the first step in the creative process. It pulls in inspiration and creates a consistent vision to ensure all redesign elements will beautifully blend together in the finished product.

Here are a few snapshots of St. Kitts Tourism Authority’s mood board…

Color Inspiration 


Imagery Inspiration

a collage of a woman a collage of a woman

Collateral Inspiration

graphical user interface

What’s next? Brand Guidelines.

Once the mood board has organized inspiration and formed a fluid aesthetic, building the brand guidelines is next. 

Within the brand guidelines, you’ll find elements like Brand Voice, Logo and Color Usage Guidelines, and Photography Guidelines.

Brand Voice

text, letter

Logo Usage

text, letter

Color Usage


Photography Guidelines

9 from mood board to website a group of people running in water

It’s Showtime!

Now that the mood board and brand guidelines have been beautifully drawn up, it’s time to use these tools to tie the St. Kitts story together through photography, videography, and the refreshed website.

Here’s a glimpse of the camera roll…

a man and woman sitting on a car in a field a group of boats on a body of water a man and woman walking on a dock over water

The newly launched marketing campaign…

And, finally the refreshed website