By Design

Let the customer choose their own journey.

Do you remember the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from your childhood?

These were interactive stories where readers were able to make decisions that affected the narrative's outcome, allowing them to shape the story's direction.

That’s a lesson we can take into the direct booking process. 

By providing site visitors with an experience that gives them more control over their consumer journey, you are allowing your guests to create a personal connection with the booking process, and ultimately, boosting their satisfaction and engagement with your brand.

Here are two examples of websites where our own Tambourine designers turned a property’s unique consumer challenge into a “choose your own adventure” journey tailored to their target audience.

Mountain Lodge Telluride


How do you showcase a resort like Mountain Lodge Telluride that has two distinctly different experiences depending on the season? Tough question. If you commit to ski season, you might risk alienating the summer crowd.


To tackle this, Tambourine designers developed a seasonal switch for the homepage that allows the user to toggle between winter and summer themed web designs, each having their own distinctive user experience where imagery and information alter based on the chosen season. Now, whether guests are looking to book their next Colorado ski trip or a summer getaway, they are able to get a full sense of the Mountain Lodge Telluride experience.

Quirk Hotels


In 2020 Quirk Hotels Virginia announced the opening of a second location in Charlottesville. The team wanted to introduce guests already familiar with their Richmond property to the new location. 


Tambourine designers crafted a dual-splash page experience for to introduce travelers to both Virginia properties at once. Website users are encouraged to choose between the two locations, which ensures travelers are exposed to both options before moving ahead in the booking process. Light animation ensures this separation is clear. Once their location selection is made, website visitors are ushered forward to a unique property-level experience, featuring location-based photography coupled with the Quirk Hotels signature aesthetic.