Today, we’re talking about… 

How you can build your own list of meeting planners. 

There are thousands of meeting planners in the U.S. 

Maybe hundreds in your local market. 

But how do you close the gap between knowing they exist

And knowing their names

Let us introduce you to Linkedin Sales Navigator

And no, it’s not the same as your Linkedin Account.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you the opportunity to search deeper 

with more filter options than your personal LinkedIn account.

A simple search for meetings and events planners in Texas turns up over 500 individuals.  

You can cultivate, curate, and even connect with any of the meeting planners you see potential to do business with. 

Build your list of meeting planners, 

And share that list with your sales team. 

Yes, a LinkedIn list is a great start. 

But, it often doesn’t have detailed contact information like email or phone number.  

Want to go a step further?

And serve your sales team meeting planner contact information on a silver platter? 

Put the missing pieces together

Tools like zoom info, actually let you search massive directories for professional names, numbers, and email addresses. 

Utilize your newly curated meeting planner list.

Plug those names into a tool like zoom info. 

And voilà.

You now have a full list of meeting planners and their contact information.

Your sales team will thank you.

All it took was carving out a little time to research.

Flash back!

How do you currently source meeting planner contact information?

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