are you listening to your website visitors

Are you listening to your website visitors?

Today, we’re talking about… 
Listening to your website visitors. 

When a guest complains to the front desk agent in your hotel lobby,
they have someone who can listen and take note of the feedback. But when a future guest is annoyed by something on your hotel website, who do they turn to? 

Website visitors show emotion, too. 
A website visitor can’t verbally tell you that they didn’t find what they were looking for on your hotel website. They can’t tell you that the website experience was confusing or that they were frustrated when they clicked on a button, but nothing happened. But there are behavioral signals that let you know what a visitor is thinking or feeling. 

Tapping into those behavioral signals... 
with tools like Microsoft Clarity and others lets us listen to our customers by observing their behaviors so that we can make improvements to their experience. 

For example, how far is a customer scrolling? 
You’d be surprised how few website visitors scroll below the header image. The drop-off is steep, a cliff, in fact. Sometimes as much as 60-70%. If they never scrolled, that means they never saw that important message or that special offer you’ve buried halfway down the page. 

What is that behavior telling us about our customer? Maybe we need to rethink how we’re prioritizing the flow of content. 

Where and what are they clicking? 
As marketers, we want visitors to take a certain path. And yet sometimes, that path is unclear to visitors. But how do we know? We watch heat maps of where customers click the most.

For example, we can see that when visitors arrive at a website, the first thing they do is click out of all pop-ups. They’re just trying to clear out the noise and reach the actual website.

You’d also be surprised at how many visitors click on things that don’t take them anywhere. Is it the customer’s fault that a design element looked like a button? Not at all. 

Listen to your website visitors.
Observing website visitor behaviors is a great way to improve conversion rates and rethink how we’re prioritizing the flow of content. 

Flash Back !

When was the last time you listened to your website visitors?