Are you leveraging Google's metasearch ads?

Are you leveraging Google’s metasearch ads?

Today, we’re talking about Google’s metasearch ads. 

Hospitality marketers have grown intimately familiar with Google search ads.

Brand search ads, like this:

brand search

And non-brand search ads, like this: 

These Traditional Search Ads

Help you turn up in relevant Google searches.

Easy, right?

Well, metasearch is no different. They too can be broken out into brand and non-brand searches. 

For instance:

A brand metasearch ad turns up when you search for your brand key term, like this:

brand metasearch

A non-brand metasearch ad turns up when you search for a non-brand key term, like this:

google search ad example

When should I use which tool?

First, determine what your business goals are.

Brand metasearch ads will help get customers to book through your hotel website.

Which saves you the cost of OTA commissions.

If your business goal is to shift share and increase direct bookings,

brand metasearch ads are a must-have in your media plan. 

What about non-brand metasearch ads?

These help you introduce your property to new customers. 

Customers who have already decided on a destination.

But have not yet decided on a hotel. 

You know…

The sweet spot!

If your business goal is new customer acquisition.

Consider leveraging non-brand metasearch ads to introduce your property to customers actively shopping for hotels in your destination. 

Flash Back !

Are you aligning your metasearch strategy around crystal clear business objectives?