7 Hotel Marketing Tips For The 4th Of July

What can you do to become relevant and entertaining to your guests during this high-travel holiday?

4thofjulyWith 4th of July celebrations and the official launch of summer a month away, we’ll start seeing more and more travelers hitting the roads for this much-anticipated holiday vacation. While many hotels will see close to 100 percent occupancy during the holiday weekend, that doesn’t give you permission to sit on your “full house” laurels.

Independence Day serves up a prime opportunity to get your brand in front of travelers on the hunt for travel ideas and destination tips, as well as adding value to your current guests’ experience.

So what campaigns can take off like a barrage of firecrackers? What can you do to become relevant and entertaining to your guests during this high-travel holiday?

Take some hotel marketing inspiration from these ideas:

1. Curate Your Staff’s Secret Tips to Watching Fireworks
Fireworks are the pinnacle of every major destination’s Independence Day celebrations. But travelers know that they will be suckered into paying big for parking and end up in a crowded park where all the other tourists will be.

Instead, let them in on the local secrets.

Curate a list of favorite, hidden and uncrowded spots in the city where your staff and their family love to watch the fireworks. Include best places to park or spots to pick up some take-out for picnics. You’ll be offering relevant and hard-to-find information, while also building a relationship between your staff and your guests.

2. Anticipate Guests’ Search for Fun, Holiday Events
Set up your hotel booking engine to send out custom pre-stay emails to those who have booked for the long Independence Day weekend. In the email, highlight 4th of July parades, celebrations, festivities and link to your staff’s secret places to watch fireworks (see above). Let them know of any holiday special events happening at your hotel, as well as other businesses nearby.

3. Get in on the Action
Is your property lucky enough to have a view of the fireworks? If so, make an exclusive offer to local meeting planners, repeat guests and their families to join you for a VIP catered evening to watch the fireworks. Or, pass out Independence Day goodie bags to guests staying at your property.

4. Collaborate with a Like-Minded Brand to Offer Something Extraordinary
Partner with others in your destination to stand out during the holiday. Last year, Uber partnered with Blade to provide $3000 helicopter rides from New York City to the Hamptons on 4th of July. Partner with a private yacht company for a special Independence Day cruise or local catering company to create gourmet picnic baskets with all local foods.

5. Create a 4th of July Hotel Hashtag and Start Using it NOW
Designate a hashtag and use it to promote all of your Independence Day marketing content. Use the hashtag when sharing tips on saving money during the holiday, curating a list of fun 4th of July festivities and a list of awesome BBQ places in town.

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6. Incentivize Your Guests to Post 4th of July Pics
You can also use the hashtag to prompt your guests to share Vines, Instagram, Tweets and Facebook posts of their 4th of July weekend at your hotel. Offer an incentive for posting about their stay to social media. Whether their photos or videos were taken at your property or not, doesn’t matter. Just as long as they use your hashtag. Pick a random winner of all entries to win a breakfast for four the following morning.

7. Create Something Original for the Holiday
Toast the launch of summer by adding festive touches to F&B items or spa treatments. Create one or two special cocktails topped off with sparklers. Build an appetizer using the colors red, white and blue. Rename one of your spa’s stress-relieving massage treatments “Let Freedom Reign.”

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