5 Things Hotel Marketers Are Loving This Valentine’s Day

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What has a hold on hoteliers’ hearts this year?

Cupid must be exhausted shooting arrows in our direction because there are MANY factors that have put hotel marketers in a happier and more profitable place than previous years.

Besides the romance of this special day, here are the top 5 things hotel marketers are loving right now:

1.  A Prosperous Global Economy

Occupancy is up. ADR is up. Group and meetings business and leisure travel is up. What’s not to love?

Both hotel marketers and destination marketers are excited for all the potential ahead, as people are back to booking travel plans with all the extras – tours, meals, and spending on a hotel they feel offers the best experience, instead of the best deal. Travelers are reaping the benefits too, as hotels are investing in improvements, better experiences and new amenities at their properties.

2. More FREE Marketing Tools Than Ever Before

No doubt, marketing can get overwhelming. From SEO, to content marketing, to creating videos, to retargeting, marketing can easily become a confusing and complicated maze.

Thankfully, there are legions of FREE marketing tools that make it easy to stay on top of all of your marketing efforts. You can effectively keep an eye on your comp sets’ digital marketing programs, find out when most of your Twitter audience is online, determine the ROI of your direct marketing campaign, or figure out your RevPar from your smartphone. Yes – all for FREE. Here are 17 of our favorite complimentary hotel marketing tools to try out.

3. Robust Analytics That Helps Us Convert More

Today, our hotel Websites are keener and ROI tracking is much simpler with the robust analytics we now have at our disposal. This has been a goldmine for hotel marketers, who are now in a more powerful position for customizing marketing campaigns to targeted audiences. The massive amount of data and customer intelligence that we now have at our fingertips means we can personalize offers and emails to streamline direct marketing.

4. Unpaid Marketing Staff: Brand Evangelists and Ambassadors

Never before has hotel marketing become so personal. Social media has changed the ways hotel marketers interact with guests throughout all stages of travel, from when they are first dreaming of their next vacation to well after checkout. One of the most powerful forces to emerge from social media is the past guest evangelist. These are customers who spread their love for your hotel, (most often without any prompting from you,) via word-of-mouse. These special customers have the social clout to influence opinions, behavior and most of all perception through posting and sharing of photos of your hotel onto their social media channels – all without any cost to you.

5. Declining Gas Prices

Everyone is rejoicing over the plummeting gas prices – especially hoteliers! Cheaper gas means more people out on the road, period. Getting to your hotel from your drive markets is cheaper than ever, giving people more confidence to take impromptu getaways. Even better – as travelers save money on gas, they feel they’re in a better position to stretch their travel budget on other places, such as booking rooms, meals and amenities such as spa treatments.

What hotel marketing assets are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

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