Respect the Funnel!

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Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and revenue.

This week’s freebie: Respect and understand your hotel’s place in the travel marketing funnel.

Working alongside your hotel’s local destination marketing organization (DMO) can greatly help you maximize your marketing efforts, provided you’re aligned with your DMO’s top-of-funnel campaigns. That requires being mindful of your hotel’s own position in the marketing funnel, and devising your campaigns accordingly.

Although DMOs are often hotel partners, they play a very different role in the funnel, occupying the very top of the traveler journey. Good DMOs build awareness, create demand and plant the seeds of consideration in the minds of potential visitors, which is a large, expensive effort, but their work ends there. Once the traveler is interested in visiting, they’ve done their part.

It’s up to the hotel to then pick up the ball and lead the potential guest through the middle stage of the funnel, with the end goal being convincing that customer to book your hotel directly through your website, rather than with an OTA or competitor. Achieving these conversions should be the core focus of your destination marketing dollars.

With that clarity in mind, channel your budget and energy toward staying competitive with rates, maintaining rate parity, and maxing-out on brand keywords. Enhance your remarketing campaigns by implementing reservation recovery methods. If you’re nailing all these efforts, and still have marketing dollars left, only then should you add brand awareness campaigns, since these are the logical next layer.

Until then, it’s best to stay in your lane, and do what you do best.

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