Entice Business Travelers to Linger Longer

Want to widen your revenue opportunities with corporate guests and meeting attendees?

Welcome to the Friday Freebie!

Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. 

This week’s Freebie: Compel guests to add on extra nights to their conference or corporate stay.

With the potential for higher ADRs, more room nights, and more spend on-property, it’s easy to see why “bleisure” travelers are a hotelier’s favorite guest. 

Want to widen your revenue opportunities with corporate guests and meeting attendees?

Use these 3 tactics to convince them to stay longer:

  1. Extend The Corporate Rate
    One simple, yet effective, way to compel business travelers to add room nights is to allow them to book their corporate rate before and beyond their stay. Send them the offer in advance. Then again during their stay to draw out a spontaneous decision to stay longer. This is done best with a text or by delivering an offer letter to the room.

  2. Coax Them With Perks
    Add on irresistible perks during extra booked days, such as late check-out, complimentary breakfast, airport transfers or discounted attraction passes.
  3. Showcase Weekend Events & Activities
    Since most meeting attendees and corporate guests travel on weekdays, showcase what is happening in the city on the weekend before and after. Again, let them know in a pre-stay email, plus via text, email or offer letter during their stay.

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